Vaccines & Cross-Protection Across Strains

Casting a Wide Net

There are more than 60 strains of rotavirus that are known to cause disease in humans. Each strain consists of a unique combination of two types of antigens – a G type and a P type. The most common strain currently circulating worldwide is G1P[8].(1)

Fortunately, both ROTARIX, made up of the single G1P[8] strain, and RotaTeq, made up of five different G and P genotypes (G1, G2, G3, G4, and P8), have been shown in clinical trials to cross-protect against a variety of rotavirus strains.(2,3) Clinical efficacy trials in India showed that ROTAVAC (made up of the single G9P[11] strain) protected against multiple strains not included in the vaccine.(4)

Herd Protection

Rotavirus vaccine introduction in several high-income and middle-income countries in Latin America resulted in a decline in rotavirus hospitalizations in children who were too old to have been vaccinated. New studies from different regions also found evidence of herd effects.

A Potential Added Benefit

Recent studies have found reductions in seizures following rotavirus vaccination. However, a separate study in Spain found no statistically significant link between rotavirus vaccination and seizures, highlighting the need for further research into this area.(12)


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The ROTA Council was created in collaboration with an advisory group of 24 child health leaders from around the world. We promote the use of rotavirus vaccines as part of a comprehensive approach to addressing diarrheal disease.

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