Vaccine Economic Impact

Billions of dollars saved

Most economic studies of rotavirus vaccines conducted in countries throughout the world and at different levels of development have found rotavirus vaccination to be cost-effective. This is true even under the assumption that Gavi-supported countries pay the full Gavi price for the vaccine (with no subsidies) and wealthier countries pay prevailing market prices.

Rotavirus Vaccines are Cost-Effective

Cost-effectiveness is dependent on a number of variables, including vaccine price, relative coverage, herd protection, vaccine effectiveness, the number of deaths and hospitalizations, and rate of waning protection.11 Cost-effectiveness analyses can also be used to estimate the break-even price of the vaccine. This is the price at which the saving in treatment costs are equal to the cost of the vaccination program.


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The ROTA Council was created in collaboration with an advisory group of 24 child health leaders from around the world. We promote the use of rotavirus vaccines as part of a comprehensive approach to addressing diarrheal disease.

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