The ROTA Council held a session during the 25th annual convention of the Pediatric Infectious Disease Society of the Philippines. The meeting, which was held on February 23, 2018, focused on the status of rotavirus vaccine introduction in Asia, with a special focus on the Philippines. Council members Lulu Bravo and Tony Nelson presented a symposium on advocacy and communication for the control of pediatric disease and co-chaired a ROTA Council workshop with Mathu Santosham for representatives from four Asian countries yet to introduce rotavirus vaccines.
The three main objects of the convention were:
  • Provide the rationale for rotavirus vaccine use in the NIP of Philippines and in other Asian countries
  • Discuss the barriers, challenges, and opportunities faced by rotavirus immunization programs in the Philippines and other Asian countries
  • Develop a position paper for submission to policy makers and decision makers by key opinion leaders and societies
Presentations included below:


8:00 am Opening remarks Mathu Santosham


8:20 am Rotavirus disease and available vaccines

Epidemiology and burden of rotavirus

Available rotavirus vaccines

Impact of rotavirus vaccination

Current status of rotavirus vaccine implementation


Mathu Santosham

Carl Kirkwood

Daniel Payne

Tony Nelson


9:00 am History of rotavirus vaccine inclusion in the Philippines and other Asian countries


Anna Lena Lopez

Maria Wilda Silva

9:50 am Small group discussions: Challenges and opportunities for rotavirus vaccine introduction
10:40 am Group reporting and discussion
11:10 am Engaging policymakers: Developing a position paper for inclusion of rotavirus vaccine in the NIP Molly Sauer
11:25 am Role of advocacy Lulu Bravo
11:50 am Closing remarks Mathu Santosham




The ROTA Council was created in collaboration with an advisory group of 24 child health leaders from around the world. We promote the use of rotavirus vaccines as part of a comprehensive approach to addressing diarrheal disease.

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